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Fire Force Online Subclass Tier List (MAR 2024)

Fire Force Online Subclass Tier List (MAR 2024)

Fire Force Online

Fire Force Online Description

Developers: d_avidd, TomDFresh, draculaoji, MoltenPrime, PepperDime, SonJosuke, and BookOfOb 

Thank you to all the contributors

 Basic Controls: SHIFT/Double tap W/Down Dpad = run Q = dash M1 = Light Attack M2 = Heavy Attack Run + Jump + M1 = Aerial Attack Jump + M2 = Ground Slam F = Block F + M1 = Counter B = Execute V = Carry M = Menu P = Toggle Party 🇧🇷

Fire Force Online Subclass Tier List

  • S-Tier: Mechanic, Priest
  • A-Tier: Assassin, Scientist,
  • B-Tier: Berserker
  • C-Tier: None yet. More information soon!
  • D-Tier: None yet. More information soon!

What Do Our Tiers Mean?

S Tier List

The best you can get. Pick over just about everything else. Overpowered and will give you a big edge over the average player.

A Tier List

Of course less powerful than the S-Tier, A-Tier abilities are great choices when it comes to fighting high-tier enemies.

B Tier List

Not so bad choices. B-Tier abilities work well when used skillfully. They are generally good to use and are good in certain situations.

C Tier List

A bit below average. Best try something else unless you have something super specific in mind. There may be some niche uses that redeem it a little.

D Tier List

Don’t even bother. These are useless.

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