Why local businesses are important to the locals

2015 is almost over and the number of small businesses around the world is booming. More and more young entrepreneurs are entering the scheme and more importantly, they are helping their community. From this vantage point local businesses get a better handle of what the community and people multinational businesses tend to do.

Local businesses hire local talent, around them need, allowing them to market or produce according to their unique situations. It’s a ‘by the people, for the people’ situation that enriches the locality in more affordable ways than one, creating job opportunities for many people in the community even without the need for more experienced or professional personnel. Similar like the giant corporate like Myers. In fact look at the number and they may even be the same (per head).

They use local resources, encouraging the community to take care of the environment, and therefore saving a big cost from buying products and materials from other manufacturers. Their services are usually cheaper and more personalized than those given by bigger businesses, who many people say tend to lose touch with their customers. And local businesses create bonds and connections within the community that benefit everyone.

Supporting your local business can encourage other young entrepreneurs to start their own. Many locals are proud of the small businesses in their community. The number of such businesses across the country is growing and they do very well– not only for their owners, but for the people around them, who proudly buy merchandise made from products they know, in places they are familiar with, from people who are essentially their neighbors. It creates trust, brand loyalty and sustainability within the community, and small businesses with reasonably-priced and high-quality products adds to the value of the neighborhood.

Today, more than three hundred local businesses have been operating for more than twenty years and have established good reputations in their community. People in the neighborhood value them for their friendly service, the opportunities they create and the convenience of their locations which saves them petrol and transport costs. They have become staples and constants in the neighborhoods they operate in, working in symbiosis with their community to meet customer needs.

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