Storage facility in Perth just opened

If some of you remember, we featured a Perth business dealing with liquid limestone (check out our previous post here). This time around, we are featuring yet another Perth local business who have just opened their doors to the public. The business name is Storage Perth WA, check out their website at and check out what they have to offer. We encourage you to support them!

Located in Welshpool, in the newish look industrial area, the storage company is bound to raise some eyebrows. Why? Simply because they are taking on the big boys in the game. For Perth residents, you may know some big names in the storage industry such as Koala storage and other similar big companies. But the owner of Storage Perth WA is confident that there is enough demand within the metropolitan area. The owners have previous and current experience in the removals service, so the move to incorporate storage services is a natural move. In fact, removals and storage pretty much goes hand in hand. Take a good look around, many removals company will also offer self storage facilities.

Location map:

map of business

As admin of BMLTA, I urge our readers to offer their support to this local business in any shape or form. Spread the word around about their opening! Perhaps you are actually looking for for somewhere to store your belongings, or maybe you don’t any space left around the house. Then please check out what Storage Perth has to offer. By supporting local businesses, we keep the money right here in Australia and also provide job opportunities for local people. Help the locals… by supporting your local businesses. Don’t get us wrong, the big boys in the field also play a pivotal role in our community; but the smaller players also have their role. So let’s show them our support and wish them all the best.

Another note to add, is the owners of the business mentioned above are also currently enrolled in our business leadership course. So you are rest assured that they are very serious with their new venture, make no mistake about it!

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