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Storage facility in Perth just opened

If some of you remember, we featured a Perth business dealing with liquid limestone (check out our previous post here). This time around, we are featuring yet another Perth local business who have just opened their doors to the public. The business name is Storage Perth WA, check out their website at and check out what they have to offer. We encourage you to support them!

Located in Welshpool, in the newish look industrial area, the storage company is bound to raise some eyebrows. Why? Simply because they are taking on the big boys in the game. For Perth residents, you may know some big names in the storage industry such as Koala storage and other similar big companies. But the owner of Storage Perth WA is confident that there is enough demand within the metropolitan area. The owners have previous and current experience in the removals service, so the move to incorporate storage services is a natural move. In fact, removals and storage pretty much goes hand in hand. Take a good look around, many removals company will also offer self storage facilities.

Location map:

map of business

As admin of BMLTA, I urge our readers to offer their support to this local business in any shape or form. Spread the word around about their opening! Perhaps you are actually looking for for somewhere to store your belongings, or maybe you don’t any space left around the house. Then please check out what Storage Perth has to offer. By supporting local businesses, we keep the money right here in Australia and also provide job opportunities for local people. Help the locals… by supporting your local businesses. Don’t get us wrong, the big boys in the field also play a pivotal role in our community; but the smaller players also have their role. So let’s show them our support and wish them all the best.

Another note to add, is the owners of the business mentioned above are also currently enrolled in our business leadership course. So you are rest assured that they are very serious with their new venture, make no mistake about it!

If you have any comments in relation to local business in particular, please fill in the comment form below this page. Even if you just wanted to say hi. We’d like to hear what you have to say!

Liquid limestone: Busy period in Perth

It is quite common for a business to have a cyclic revenue pattern. Certain time of the year it may be quite and other periods it may be very busy. In the Perth area, liquid limestone peak season is usually just before the summer months. Probably explained by home owners wanting to prepare for summer. That is, to install the liquid limestone in time for use during summer. Especially the “cool to walk” feature being its primary attraction.  One leading and well respected Perth liquid limestone business share their view on the importance of being prepared for the busy periods.

Here is a video on youtube that show their workers in action, the video page will also have a good description of what services they cover:

As you can see, the work are done outdoors. The owner of this business say that although busy periods are good because of the extra revenue generated, it can sometimes be stressful as deadlines are usually pretty tight owing to demand from customers. But through their experience, they now eagerly await the busy periods with a smile. Why, because they are prepared and know what to expect. By doing so, they will give themselves the best chance of maximising the revenue during the busy periods.

Many other business know that preparation is vital prior to peak period, but unfortunately many fail to deliver the goods. So when asked what is the secret to being prepared, the above business simply said: listen to your customers and anticipate the answer beforehand. In their niche (liquid limestone supply and install), the following are what they regard as important to be on top of:

  • liquid limestone stock
  • type of liquid limestone (list in order of popularity)
  • the expected turn around time by clients
  • additional resources, eg. hiring contractors

The beautiful thing is that the above pointers can also be applied to other business niches. Generically: stock, turn around time, staff number are some of the critical factor when it comes to being ready.

So there you go. Whether its a liquid limestone business or something else, being ready for the busy period will make sure your business take advantage of the plentiful work available and should see your revenue amount improved.